Travel Across New Mexico

Travel Across New Mexico

Previously Held March 17, 2018
Fairgrounds Soccer Complex
VOTED A JOLT WORTHY EVENT! Help City of Farmington Parks Recreation & Cultural Affairs travel enough miles (373 to be exact) to cross New Mexico on their new ADA accessible trail at the Fairgrounds Soccer Complex in Farmington!

Event Information

Fairgrounds Soccer Complex
Fairgrounds Road, Farmington, NM
City of Farmington's Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs
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Donations for the Special Olympics

Walk, wheel, jump, or even dance laps around the ½ mile trail with hundreds of other people to show support for active lifestyles and a local charity!! Show us your unique way of traveling, participate in free activities and demonstrations for leading healthy lives, and for those that like to take things slow and easy, join us during the Serenity Laps, where we will keep the speed limit and silliness down. The first 200 participants will get a “Travel Across New Mexico” t-shirt.

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