Stan The T. Rex

Stan The T. Rex

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Farmington Museum & Visitor Center
VOTED A JOLT WORTHY EXHIBIT! Get up close and personal with a T. rex when you visit Stan at the Farmington Museum! Bring your camera for this face to face meeting with one of the largest T. rex ever found.

Event Information

Farmington Museum & Visitor Center
3041 E. Main Street Farmington,NM
Farmington Museum
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Visitors will be thrilled to find themselves face to face with the gaping maw of one of the largest T. rex ever found, in full attack mode.

Tyrannosaurus rex STAN

Stan was found in the South Dakota badlands, specifically the Hell Creek Formation near Buffalo.  He is named after the amateur paleontologist who found him in 1987, Stan Sacrison.  In the spring of 1992 the Black Hills Institute staff undertook the excavation.  It took them more than 30,000 hours to excavate and prepare Stan for display.  Stan T. rex is nearly 40 feet (12.2 m) long and 12 feet (3.7 m) high at the hips.  He is the largest, most complete, male Tyrannosaurus rex ever found. 

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