Petroliana: Oil and Gas Memorabilia

Petroliana: Oil and Gas Memorabilia

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Farmington Museum & Visitor Center
The Farmington Museum has an extensive collection of these cultural artifacts and they will be showcased in the exhibition Petroliana: Oil and Gas Memorabilia from the Farmington Museum Collection.

Event Information

Farmington Museum & Visitor Center
3041 E Main Farmington, NM
Farmington Museum
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The oil and gas industry has been an important part of American history, having fueled the country’s industrial expansion. One of the most visible aspects of the industry has been the memorabilia such as gas pumps, oil cans and signs which have dotted the American landscape since the beginning of the twentieth century.  

About The Collection

The exhibit, Petroliana: Oil and Gas Memorabilia, features items from the Alan Hawkinson collection. Hawkinson amassed this collection of area oil and gas memorabilia over time.  He donated the collection to the Farmington Museum so that it could be shared with a larger audience. 

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