Keshjee’ (Navajo Shoe Game)

Keshjee' (Navajo Shoe Game)

Previously Held January 27, 2023
Farmington Indian Center
Join the Farmington Indian Center for the Annual Keshjee' (Navajo Shoe Game) celebration. This night of fun and song shares Navajo culture and winter night stories. VOTED A JOLT WORTHY EVENT!

Event Information

Farmington Indian Center
100 West Elm Farmington, NM

Keshjee,' the Navajo Shoe Game, is centuries old as a game of choices that represents life and the fact that the natural order of things cannot be changed. Not every choice can be correct, but the lessons are learned and experience is gained. Neither lying nor cheating can change the outcome and the payment of a fee of yucca stems is still required. In Navajo society, the Shoe Game is a game played in winter. A ball, usually made of wound yucca root, is hidden within one of several moccasins. The moccasins are lined up and the players try to guess which one has the hidden ball.

Open to all ages. For more information call 505-566-1524 or visit their website.

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