Yoga Connect

Yoga Connect

Previously Held February 14, 2019
Sacred Rebel Yoga Studio
How about instead of the usual dinner and a movie, skip the crowds and consider taking a partner connect class this Valentine's day ! This could be just the beginning of an ongoing connection that will strengthen your relationship for years to come.

Event Information

Sacred Rebel Yoga Studio
2010 E 19th Street Farmington, NM
$30 Per Couple

Strengthen Trust:

Practicing Yoga with a partner is a great way to deepen the level of trust between one another, and let go of the need to be fully independent, at least for the duration of class. Continuing to practice yoga together can significantly deepen the trust between partners.

Release Stress and Tension: 

Relationships are hard. Be it friendships, partnerships, marriages, siblings, mother/daughter, father/son, maintaining a meaningful bond with another human being always presents the possibility, if not, likelihood of misunderstandings, arguments, or just general disagreements.  Yoga is an excellent way of helping people to release tension and stress, and the same is true when practicing with a partner. Attending a partner yoga class together, will help provide the time to release negative tension from one's body and replace it with positive, uplifting, encouraging and loving energy.


In today's world of everything on the go, most couples rarely take time to touch and bond. Signing up for a partner class is an excellent way to dedicate at least an hour of mindful attentiveness to one another.  

Open Ways of Non-Verbal Communication:

Couples connect during partner yoga by moving through postures while maintaining a constant point of touch, utilizing non-verbal communication skills in order to more effectively move through the movements. By noting each others facial expressions, and synchronizing one's breathe, partners deepen and strengthen their bond with one another. 

Deepen Your Relationship:

Partner yoga is a unique way to interact with one's partner. It provides a time of intimate connection and teaches postures that will unite couples not only physically, but also spiritually and emotionally.

Improve Romance:

There are many contributing factors that can take away from a couple's romantic desire and time. Things such as jobs, kids, stress, poor body image and general fatigue are amongst the most common. Yoga can absolutely help to counteract them.  The physical benefits of  yoga, including muscle control, flexibility and strength, can all contribute to an improved physical experience between couples. During a partner yoga class, you will be guided to be fully present, focusing on your partner and the intimate connection you are experiencing in the moment, rather than the demands of your life. 

These are just a few of the many benefits a partner yoga class can provide ! Remember, you don't have to have any previous yoga experience. All postures will be done in a safe and supported way. If it's something you both enjoy - you can consider signing up for our ongoing partner class series in which we will explore more challenging balance and acro-yoga poses.

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