“New Mexico: A Meditative State” Photography by Ken Hoffman

"New Mexico: A Meditative State" Photography by Ken Hoffman

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Farmington Museum & Visitor Center
Quiet and still, New Mexico's desert and mountains evoke a meditative state. Not surprisingly, documenting the state's landscape is a spiritual experience for photographer Ken Hoffman. He loves the desert and has come to appreciate its many variations of terrain, flora, and fauna.

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Farmington Museum & Visitor Center
3041 E. Main Street, Farmington, NM
Farmington Museum
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Free, $3.00 donations welcome

In photographing the region, Hoffman hopes to capture not only the physical beauty of the land forms but its spiritual essence as well. New Mexico: A Meditative State features 25 photographs Hoffman has taken throughout the state. All of his photography is film based utilizing a Chamonix large format camera. Working exclusively in black and white, he develops and prints in his own darkroom. Nothing is manipulated digitally.

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