National Cyber Security Kick-Off

National Cyber Security Kick-Off

Previously Held September 21, 2017
San Juan College Little Theatre
Be aware. Be Secure. Today’s digital marketplace has opened a new world of opportunity, but it has also opened the door to a vast array of cyber threats that are constantly changing and becoming more sophisticated. San Juan College will host a national cyber security awareness kick-off event in the San Juan College Little Theatre.

Event Information

San Juan College Little Theatre
4601 College Boulevard Farmington, NM

October is Cyber Security awareness month. San Juan College will present two speakers who will enlighten employees, students as well as the community in learning more about how to stay protected in the digital age.  Speakers for the event include Dr. David Evans, Senior Manager of Customer Research at Microsoft and Richard Hammer, Senior Cyber Engineer, Los Alamos Labs.

Dr. Evans holds a Ph.D. in social/personality psychology from the University of Iowa. Join Dr. Evans in examining age-old psychological tendencies that reinforce us to use (and sometimes over-use) ultra-modern apps and social media. Spend this hour with a tech-insider to equip yourself with the knowledge and actions you need to ensure you stay in command of your attention and direction in an age of overpowering media options.

Richard Hammer will present End-User Cyber Security Know-how. Hammer is a research and development scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory and a senior cyber security engineer.


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