MMIW MMIR Awareness Event

MMIW MMIR Awareness Event

Previously Held May 5, 2024
Berg Park Pavilion
Families of Missing Murdered Indigenous Relatives (MMIR) will be hosting Zachariah's Third Annual MMIR MMIW Awareness Event at Berg Park Pavilion on May 5th from 9:00am-1:00pm.

Event Information

Berg Park Pavilion
400 Scott Ave Farmington, Ave.
Vangie Randall-Shorty
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Families of Missing Murdered Indigenous Relatives (MMIR) are encouraged to bring their loved ones photo and tell their story. This family led event is intended to provide a safe space for families, including: 

  • To inform the general public of their loved ones story
  • Provide a safe space for families to heal
  • Build a community with other families who may be seeking answers or justice for their loved one
  • Connect with local resources that could be useful in navigating the systems in place for MMIW MMIR

Lets come together as a community to support these families and our neighbors.

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