Meal Worms with Rowdy

Meal Worms with Rowdy

Previously Held March 16, 2024
Winters Harvest Homestead
Mealworm farming is an emerging practice that offers a sustainable and efficient solution for protein production. This class aims to provide a comprehensive overview of mealworm farming, covering the basics of setting up and managing a successful mealworm farm.

Event Information

Winters Harvest Homestead
27 Road 3009
Audrey Winters
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Whether you are an aspiring farmer, a sustainability enthusiast, or simply curious about alternative protein sources, this class will equip you with the knowledge and skills to embark on your own mealworm farming journey. The class will take place at the Winters Harvest Homestead on Saturday, March 16th from 2:30-3:30pm.

Class Description: 

1. Introduction to Mealworms:

  •  Understanding the life cycle and anatomy of mealworms
  • Exploring the nutritional value and environmental benefits of mealworms as a protein source

2. Setting Up a Mealworm Farm:

  • Selecting an appropriate location and designing a suitable farming space
  • Choosing the right containers, substrates, and bedding materials for optimal growth
  • Creating a conducive environment for mealworm breeding and development

3. Managing Mealworm Colonies:

  •  Sourcing and selecting healthy mealworms for breeding stock
  • Implementing proper feeding and watering techniques
  •  Monitoring and maintaining optimal temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions

4. Harvesting and Processing:

  • Identifying the signs of maturity for mealworms ready for harvest
  • Safe and efficient methods for separating mealworms from their substrate
  • Cleaning, drying, and storing harvested mealworms for various uses

5. Utilizing Mealworms:

  • Exploring diverse applications of mealworms, including animal feed, human consumption, and pet food
  • Understanding the potential for mealworm by-products, such as frass (insect waste) and oil extraction

6. Troubleshooting and Best Practices:

  • Identifying common challenges and potential risks in mealworm farming
  • Implementing effective pest control measures and disease prevention strategies
  • Sharing best practices for maximizing productivity and ensuring the welfare of mealworms

By the end of this class, participants will have gained the necessary knowledge and practical skills to start their own mealworm farm, contributing to sustainable protein production and exploring the vast potential of this innovative farming practice. Class is $45 per person.  Register online to save your spot now! 


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