Kart Kanyons Track or Treat

Kart Kanyons Track or Treat

Previously Held October 29, 2022
Kart Kanyon Speedway
Kart Kanyon is hosting a safe treats for ALL AGES. This event is FREE and welcomes everyone to come enjoy a real life Mario kart race!

Event Information

Kart Kanyon Speedway
1000 Motorcross Rd. Aztec, Nm 87410
Bryanna Higgins
Visit Website
Free! Pits after 4:00pm will cost $10.
1-505-48- 6204

This TRACK OR TREAT will have decorations all around, along with a decorated track, decorated trailers and cars for everyone to visit. They will have interactive games as well as handing out free balloons and trick or treat bag for kids before they enter the pits! Power Wheels race starting at 3:30pm sharp, with a trophy at the finish line! It will be followed by a MARIO KART RACE between 4:00pm-4:30pm.  The grandstands for this race is also FREE. The pits after 4:00pm will cost $10 per person for safety purposes! Bring your friends and family out and enjoy a little piece of Aztec you didn’t know existed! Kart Kanyon is excited to host an event that is safe and fun for all to enjoy! If you or anyone you know would like to register your kiddo for the powerwheels race (ages 2-6), or if you have any questions, please contact Bryanna Higgins at 505-486-6204. 

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