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Harvest Moon Yoga Flow

Previously Held September 14, 2019

Sacred Rebel Yoga Studio

Join Soly next Saturday night 7-8 Full Moon Yoga Flow in the Sacred outdoor Space under the Harvest Moon!

Event Information

Sacred Rebel Yoga Studio
2010 E. 19th Street Farmington, NM
$10 - $20

A time to "reap what we've sewn" so to speak ! Consider what you've worked for the last 6 months, where has your path led you ? Is there any end of season clean up you need to do spiritually speaking ?  Forgiveness you've been withholding ? Grievances you're ready to let go of ? It's a new season - a time to let the dead things go and look forward to what’s ahead - enter the last quarter of this 2019 with a clean slate ! Sort out any issues that are left hanging on - clean your space - your life - and your spirit.   $10 for Members $20 for members-to-be .  See ya Saturday under the moon