Gold King Mine Spill Update Teach-In

Gold King Mine Spill Update Teach-In

Previously Held June 21, 2019
Shiprock Chapter House
The 4th Annual Animas and San Juan Watershed Conference. This community Teach-In to update participants on Gold King Mine Spill monitoring and research. The Teach-In will take place at the Shiprock Chapter House.

Event Information

Shiprock Chapter House
Shiprock, NM

Flash Talk presentations (three-minute summary talks) will be made by scientists and others who have been conducting sampling studies and research on the impacts of the August 15 Gold King Mine spill. Learn about the research that has been done, by whom, and the most recent results. Speakers will include researchers from the New Mexico Environment Department, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and U.S. Geological Survey, as well as by students and faculty from the region.

Please RSVP with Peggy Risner for seating and food accommodations.

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