Discover E’s

Discover E's

Previously Held August 8, 2023 - August 9, 2023
E3 Children's Museum & Science Center
Come Explore, Experience and Enjoy some summer fun at Discover E's at E3 Children's Museum & Science Center.

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E3 Children's Museum & Science Center
302 N. Orchard
E3 Children's Museum
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Ever wonder what the 3 “E’s” are in E3 ? Explore, Experience, and Enjoy of course! This summer join the E3 Children's Museum while they Explore, Experience, and Enjoy a little science and art!  This is a free program suitable for ages 7 and up. Scheduled activities are subject to change. 

“E” is for Experience
Tuesdays in August • 11am-1pm
Experience sound!

  • August 8-Sound Wave Art
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