Day Camp

Day Camp

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Trinity Lutheran
Trinity Lutheran Church, First Presbyterian Church and Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp have teamed up to bring an exciting Church Camp experience right here to Farmington!

Event Information

Trinity Lutheran
1221 E. 20th Street Farmington, NM

Day Camp involves five days of Christian Day Camping for youth entering grades kindergarten through 5th grade. Youth need to bring their own noon lunch.

What Happens At Day Camp?

Day Camp activities include Bible Study, worship, arts and crafts, singing, fellowship and nature studies.  Campers will also participate in games for fun and recreation where everybody plays and learns together, making new friends along the way!

Where and When Will It Happen?

Day Camp will be held at Trinity Lutheran, 1221 E. 20th Street.  Day Camp will run from 9:00 to 3:00, Monday through Thursday.  The Friday session will conclude at noon.

Who Will Lead It?

Volunteers from the congregations, in cooperation with counselors from Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp, will lead the program.  The counselors are Christian young adults trained and equipped in Bible Study, worship, first aid, recreation, and working with people both young and old.  The counselors are at least 19 years old and are led by an experienced director.

Who Can Come?

Any youth in grades kindergarten to 5th grade can sign up.  (Grades refer to grade entering in the fall.)  You do not have to be a member of any church.  Day Camp is open to everyone! 

How can we get signed up?

Registration forms can be picked up at Trinity Lutheran or First Presbyterian or go to

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