Chautauqua: New Mexico Before Columbus

Chautauqua: New Mexico Before Columbus

Previously Held November 9, 2018
San Juan College Little Theatre
Experience history coming to life when Alan Osborne brings to life, New Mexico Before Columbus.

Event Information

San Juan College Little Theatre
4601 College Boulevard Farmington, NM

New Mexico before Columbus, prior to the European Age of Discovery, is a long and fascinating human story, often overlooked or condensed in our history books in favor of the colonial explorations, settlements and stories. Now we have the advantage of more than a half-century of state-sponsored archaeological investigations and more than a century of anthropological fascination with New Mexico and the Southwest.

We are living in one of the most studied cultural areas in North America, north of Mexico – with over one hundred thousand identified historical sites cataloged from the long span of human presence. This presentation looks at the time before Columbus including Paleo-Indian, archaic and classical ancestral cultures whose presence is clearer and better understood.  Alan Osborne was state Elderhostel Director from 1981 to 1982 and is co-founder of Southwest Seminars of Santa Fe.

  • The Chautauqua performances are free and funded by the San Juan College Foundation, and presented by the San Juan College Encore Program, KSJE 90.9 FM, and the New Mexico Humanities Council.
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