Annual Invasive Weed CEU Symposium

Annual Invasive Weed CEU Symposium

Previously Held March 7, 2018
McGee Park
The Annual San Juan Basin Extension Invasive Weed Symposium has become a tradition in SW Colorado and NW New Mexico. Educational programs are important to help us sustain this way of life. The 2018 Invasive Weed Symposium will primarily focus on agricultural weed management and the control of invasive species.

Event Information

McGee Park
41 Rd 5568 Farmington NM 87401
NMSU CES San Juan County
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The program provides Continuing Education Credits for Pesticide applicators for both Colorado and New Mexico. There will be something of interest in this area for everyone who is involved or planning to be involved in agricultural production.

“Controlling Rangeland Weeds” Dr. Kert Young, NMSU Range Weed Specialist
  Category: Rangeland Weeds

“Integrated Pest Management” Dr. Ashley Bennett, NMSU Integrated Pest
Management Specialist
 Category: Environmental Protection

“Mode of Action” Ethan Proud, Archuleta Co Weed manager
 Category: Pesticide and their Families

“Labeling Regulations” Erin Worth, NMDA Pesticide Inspector
 Category: Laws and Regs

“Noxious Weed Look-alikes and” Robin Young, Archuleta County Extension Agent
 Category: Industrial and ROW

“Updates on Water Hardness and Herbicide Efficacy” Bonnie Hopkins, San Juan
County Extension Agent
 Category: Use of Pesticides

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