NxLevel for Entrepreneur Training Sessions

NxLevel for Entrepreneur Training Sessions

Previously Held September 27, 2016
San Juan College-Quality Center for Business
12 Session Workshop for Entrepreneur Training

Event Information

San Juan College-Quality Center for Business
5101 College Boulevard Farmington, NM
Individual Session $50 or 12 Session $295

Session 4: Marketing - Analysis & Understanding

  • Develop an understanding of marketing issues & its day-to-day impact on company profitability
  • Understand the necessity for market analysis
  • Develop your customer profile & analyze the competition
  • Learn how to use customer & competition profiles to analyze market potential
  • Understand the relationship between the 4 P's of marketing

Session 5: Marketing - Strategies, Tactics & Implementation

  • Understand the importance of the business image in overall marketing strategies
  • Learn what elements influence price, & the price/quality relationship
  • Develop an understanding of the principals of customer service & their impact on profitability

Session 6: Financial Overview - Books, Records & Controls

  • Gain an understanding of the basic Financial Statements & their uses
  • Understand how accounting systems tie to the production of useful financial statements
  • Prepare a Personal Financial Statement & current Business Balance Sheet
  • Begin using Financial Statement Analysis (ratios) to analyze Balance Sheet information
  • Examine the bookkeeping & record keeping activities of your business & who controls them

Session 7: Managing Your Money - Financial Planning and Budgets

  • Understand the importance of budgeting & the role of assumptions
  • Explore how budgets provide performance feedback for the business
  • Prepare budgets, including the Sales Forecast, Cost of Projected Product Units Sold, Fixed Assets, Growth/Start-up Expenses & Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Review & adjust budgets prepared in earlier sessions

Session 8: Managing Your Money - Cash Flow Projections 

  • Understand the concept of Break-Even
  • Calculate the Break-Even Point for your business in units & sales volume
  • Explore ways of managing the cash flow cycle
  • Understand internal operations controls relating to cash management​

Session 9: Managing Your Money - Understand & Use Financial Statements 

  • Prepare the Monthly Projected Income Statement & understand how it differs from the Cash Flow Projection
  • Develop a ProForma (Projected) Balance sheet & compare with the beginning Balance sheet
  • Become familiar with the Statement of Owner's Equity & Annual Statement of Cash Flows

Session 10:Financing Your Business - Alternative Sources of Money

  • Develop an understanding of the difference between debt & equity financing
  • Gain knowledge of alternative sources of financing
  • Understand the components of a complete financing proposal
  • Explore ways to "work with" the banker

Session 11: Green Business Opportunities - Environmental Solutions

  • Develop an understanding of green opportunities
  • Explore the benefits & feasibility of going green
  • Gain knowledge of green branding & marketing techniques
  • Explore green management options

 Session 12: Negotiating, Managing Growth, Plan Completion

  • Develop an understanding of the negotiating process
  • Gain knowledge of negotiating techniques
  • Explore the deal-making process & learn tips for effective deal-making
  • Recognize the pitfalls of unmanaged growth
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