Man Cave: A One Man Sci-Fi Climate Change Tragicomedy

Man Cave: A One Man Sci-Fi Climate Change Tragicomedy

Previously Held January 27, 2024
Totah Theater
Along with being a stirring rallying cry for saving the planet, Man Cave walks the line that drips with both irony and edgy gallows humor. Don't miss this show coming to the Totah Theater for one night only!

Event Information

Totah Theater
315 W. Main St Farmington, NM
Farmington Civic Center
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Man Cave, written and performed by Timothy Mooney, finds the “last man on earth” (coincidentally named “Tim”) burrowed into what is essentially a Hobbit home, somewhere in Canada, broadcasting into a microphone for whomever might yet be out there listening. Realizing that perhaps there may not be anyone out there who is stil listening, Tim faces the inability to have any impact on humanity itself, and turns his attention to warning whatever far corners of the universe may still be out there receiving radio waves.

Performance will begin at 7:30pm on Saturday, January 27th at the Totah Theater.  $14-$18. Tickets are available for purchase here.

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