Escape the City

Escape the City

Previously Held May 4, 2024
Orchard Plaza Park
Hourglass Adventures is hosting an outdoor interactive escape room around Farmington!

Event Information

Orchard Plaza Park
105 N. Orchard
Hourglass Adventures
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$60 per group

Can Your Team Solve the Mystery in Time?
In the heart-pounding race against the clock, your collective wit, intuition, and teamwork will be put to the ultimate test. As the minutes tick away, your group will face a thrilling challenge that demands not only your problem-solving skills but also your ability to work together seamlessly. Will your team rise to the occasion, crack the intricate codes, decipher the cryptic clues, and unveil the enigmatic secrets hidden within the city's labyrinth? With every second that passes, the pressure mounts, but with determination, collaboration, and quick thinking, your team can emerge victorious, leaving behind an unforgettable tale of triumph and adventure.

The mystery will begin at Orchard Plaza Park. $60 per group. A group can consist of up to 6 people. Online registration here.

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