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Farmington Action Team Meeting

Previously Held August 23, 2018

Farmington Museum & Visitor Center

Farmington is a place where outdoor lovers and active families thrive, these monthly Action Team Meetings are held to ensure that as a community we work together to energize life journeys as we Live, Work, Play and Stay Farmington. Farmington business owners and residents are invited to join these monthly meetings and help make a difference!

Event Information

Farmington Museum & Visitor Center
3041 E. Main Street, Farmington, NM
The Farmington Branding Alliance Visit Website

There are four components to the Farmington Branding Alliance; Live, Work, Play and Stay. In the Action Team Meetings community needs under these components are assessed and project teams are formed to address these needs. Several exciting projects are underway that will directly improve how we Live, Work, Play and Stay Farmington. Come learn how this group can help you and how you can help shape the future of Farmington!

Jolt Worthy Events

On June 21st the group will vote for the August and September 2018 Jolt Worthy Events. There will not be a July meeting. Submit your upcoming events to the Community Calendar for this special designation!  Once an event has been voted Jolt Worthy, members of the FBA will help spread word of the event. Local and regional media outlets are notified of monthly Jolt Worthy Events and these events are also promoted by partners on Facebook. Event organizers can also use the Jolt Worthy Event logo for promotion as well as the special event flags and 10x10 tent.  The calendar of events at FarmingtonNM.org has been designated the official community calendar. Any event, workshop or class held in San Juan County may be submitted to the calendar.  Contact Ingrid Gilbert with questions about the community calendar and Jolt Worthy Event status. 

Live Farmington Update

Attend the monthly Farmington Action Team Meeting to learn more about the Live Farmington Committee and their efforts and local projects.  The Live Farmington Committee hosts the monthly Focus on Farmington Coffee and the Committee Chair is Jamie Church. 

Work Farmington Update

Attend the Farmington Actions Team Meeting and discover how you can get involved in growing business opportunites in Farmington. Contacts for the Work Farmington Committee are Audra Winters and Melissa Porch. 

ORII Update

Come to the Farmington Action Team Meeting and learn about Farmington's Outdoor Recreation Industry Initiative (ORII).  There are four ORII Workgroups - Business Development, Infrastructure, Partnership & Funding and Branding & Marketing. Regular meetings are held by the groups and an overarching summary report is given at the monthly Action Team Meeting.  To learn more about this effort contact Tonya Stinson.