Casting Call for “In the Middle of the River”

Casting Call for "In the Middle of the River"

Previously Held January 23, 2016
Red Lion Hotel, Utah Room
The feature film, "In the Middle of the River" is casting 20+ speaking roles in the Farmington and Shiprock area. Please bring a photo or headshot and resume if you have one. Contact Casting Director to schedule an appointment or attend the open casting call.

Event Information

Red Lion Hotel, Utah Room
700 Scott Avenue, Farmington, NM

Open Casting Call

Open casting call for the feature film In the Middle of the River will take place Saturday, January 23, 2016 from 10am to 1pm at Red Lion Hotel in Farmington, 700 Scott Avenue, UTAH room. Bring headshots or photo. These are all paid roles, rates vary according to role. All roles are speaking roles, these are not background extras. 

Scheduled Appointments

Those interested can schedule an individual appointment for January 23, from 2pm to 6pm, and January 24, 10am to 3pm, by contacting the Casting Director. Email a photo or headshot, all contact information and skills relevant to the role that you are seeking to See list of characters below.

About the Film

This is an independent film produced by Jonas Weydermann and Directed by award winning Director of “Los Angeles”, Damian John Harper.  It follows a wounded military veteran returning home to face the war within his own dysfunctional family, as he tries to piece together the reasons behind his sister's mysterious death. The film will be shot in the Farmington/Shiprock area from late March 2016 to April 2016.

The Roles

DINAH - Age 25 
MUST BE ABLE TO BOX AND SPEAK NAVAJO a beautiful young Native American (Diné/Navajo), she is Gabriel's former lover, who works as a waitress but has a promising career as an amateur boxer.  Dinah bitterly blames Gabriel for abandoning her and her young son, Josiah, five years ago without a word.  In that interim, Dinah has been dealing with her own demons -- namely, her rape by a former high school classmate, now a local drug dealer and gangster.  But as she ultimately realizes the extent of Gabriel's pain, and also his sincere efforts to make amends for the past, she feels her love for him rekindling, along with her faith in their future together...LEAD

ISHMAEL - Age 14
Anglo/Native American, he's Gabriel's tattooed, rebellious younger brother, a drug-using punk just out of juvie who seems headed for serious trouble with the law.  Isolated and angry, he's also a victim of his family's generational dysfunction, but although he entertains hopes of becoming a Marine like his brother, he engages in high-risk behaviors that bode ill for his future.  Later, just as he's on the point of committing a savage act that will destroy his life, he has his brother to thank for intervening to save him from himself at the last possible moment...LEAD

Native American, she's a loving but sad woman who has seen her share of trouble, but remains undaunted in spirit.  Herself a recovering alcoholic, she remains devoted to her husband, Laurence, even though, while drunk, he frequently abuses her.  She's thrilled when Gabriel returns home, and she remains a rock of stability and wise counsel during a dark and confusing time...LEAD

CANDACE  - Age 20
Anglo/Native American, MUST BE MUSICALLY INCLINED she's Gabriel's younger sister, a sweet, young woman who lives with her grandmother, Magdalena, and with little Abigail and Noah.  Candace is still furious with Gabriel for not attending their sister's funeral, and she makes her displeasure very clear on several occasions... PLEASE INCLUDE DEMOS OF SINGING / GUITAR, ETC IF POSSIBLE...SUPPORTING LEAD

STACY  - Age 26
Hispanic, MUST BE ABLE TO BOX she's a pretty but tough young amateur boxer with a 6 year old son.  Trigger Finger's girlfriend, she's livid over Dinah's insistence that Trigger Finger raped her, and she later takes her anger out on Stacy at a boxing competition -- for her, a grudge match.  Later, however, she realizes that she has been unfair to Dinah, and she tries to make amends for her behavior...8 speeches & 13 lines, 10 scenes

ABIGAIL  - Age 8
Mixed ethnicity (½ African American), she's the daughter of Naomi, Gabriel's sister, recently deceased.  She's thrilled when her beloved Uncle Gabriel returns home -- but when he persistently urges her to divulge the "secret" she has been hiding about her mother, she becomes increasingly upset and uncooperative...SUPPORTING LEAD

YANAHA  - Age 83
Dinah's fragile Native American grandmother, who speaks a native Diné/Navajo dialect as well as English, she welcomes Gabriel back wholeheartedly.  She is a loving and supportive woman who likes to spoil her great grandson, Josiah...10 speeches & 10 lines, 7 scenes

EFRAIM  - Age 80
Dinah's Native American grandfather, he also speaks a native Diné/Navajo dialect as well as English.  He's also a loving and supportive authority figure to his great grandson, Josiah -- but he still has the soul of a warrior, and will defy anyone who threatens his family...6 speeches & 15 lines, 8 scenes

NOAH  - Age 5 
Mixed ethnicity (1/2 African American), he's Gabriel's little nephew, who lost his mother recently under mysterious circumstances.  He's still too young to realize the tension that ripples through his dysfunctional family...8 lines, 15 scenes

JOSIAH  - Age 8
He's Dinah's Native American son, who also speaks a native Diné/Navajo dialect as well as English. He lives with his mother and his salt-of-the-earth great grandparents, Efraim and Yanaha...14 lines, 10 scenes

TOAD  - Age 14
Small in stature, this Anglo boy is one of Corey's ever-present posse, who is always ready to get high and troll for trouble with his pals...3 speeches & 7 lines, 10 scenes

SHERIFF  - Age 55
Native American, this sheriff stonewalls Gabriel when he tries to find out details about his sister's mysterious death.  He is openly antagonistic to Gabriel, a former drug dealer...9 speeches & 9 lines, 1 scene

JOHN  - Age 52
Gabriel's great uncle, this Anglo man tries to broker a peace between Gabriel and his grandfather, Laurence -- but his well-intentioned plan goes badly awry...9 speeches & 7 lines, 3 scenes

Native American, he's a tribal police officer who speaks a native Diné/Navajo dialect as well as English.  He is dismissive about a reported rape -- but when he learns that Dinah has torched the abandoned house where rapes were common, he is about to run her in -- until he is confronted by outraged locals...4 speeches & 6 lines, 2 scenes

He's Trigger Finger and Stacy's 6 year old son, who is terrified by the confrontation between Gabriel and his dad.  His typically brutish father is always gentle and protective around him, and the two share a close rapport...3 lines, 6 scenes (1) He is ½ Anglo and ½ Hispanic

NAOMI  - Age 27
Caucasian, she's Gabriel's sister, who is seen on a cell phone video taken shortly before her death...1 speech, 1 scene

JUSTIN  - Age 15
This somewhat thuggish youth is yet another member of Corey's ever-present crew of budding delinquent...1 line, 10 scenes

KEITH  - Age 19
This laconic Native American youth picks up Efraim and Yanaha at their lines, 2 scenes

African American, this large lawman is the Sheriff's partner, who barely conceals his sneers when Gabriel comes in asking for lines, 1 scene

YOUNG MAN  - Age 15 
This young Native American man is doing drugs in an abandoned house with his friend, Robert Yazzi, when they are set upon by Corey and his thugs...1 line, 2 scenes

When this Native American youth is beaten and humiliated by Corey and his thugs, he later seeks vengeance -- and almost precipitates a tragedy...2 lines, 3 scenes

This Diné/Navajo speaking clerk at the local chapter's tribal council announces Dinah and her family to the elders...1 speech, 1 scene

This tribal elder on the local council listens to Dinah's request for rape kits to be made readily available to rape victims on the reservation...1 line, 1 scene

This large prison guard monitors Gabriel and Samuel's visit, and later forcibly restrains Gabriel when he gets out of control...1 line, 1 scene

PROMOTER  - Age 40  
A fat male boxing promoter, he's setting the schedule for the latest match...1 line, 1 scene

Stacy's girlfriends, these tough young women buy drugs off Ishmael, then refuse to give him a ride when he desperately needs one...1 line, 2 scenes; 4 lines, 2 scenes respectively

This referee officiates at the boxing match...1 line, 1 scene

Gabriel's uncles, these Anglo men are lying in wait for him, along with Laurence.  They are intent upon teaching Gabriel a painful lesson -- but he escapes their clutches...1 line, 1 scene apiece

These outraged older Native American women confront the tribal police officer when he tries to run Dinah in.  They all speak a native Diné/Navajo dialect...1 line, 1 scene; 2 speeches, 1 scene; 2 speeches, 1 scene respectively

This female tribal police officer asks Stacy for her case number...1 line, 1 scene  LINE MAY BE OFF-CAMERA.

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